Neighbourhood associations are independent voluntary organizations in the City that advocate for the shared interests and goals of residents and may run programs or special events.  The consortium of associations form the Nanaimo Neighbourhood Network used to discuss and formulate actions for use throughout the City.


• Engage local residents and businesses in activity that improves quality of life.
• Work towards a safe, secure and harmonious community.
• Effective encouragement, consultation and communication with the City of Nanaimo, Regional District of Nanaimo on neighbourhood issues.


• Keep our neighbourhoiod green initiatives - examples: waste of city water through malfuncitoning sprinkler systems, or trash/filth that represents a hazard to human health, the enviroment  or is unsightly.
• Hold scheduled community meetins as a forum for area residents to discuss local issues for association consideration and action.
• Support green space preservation to enhance quality of life - example was Pioneer Forest
• Represent the Dover area to City of Nanaimo planners regarding community planning such as Plan Nanaimo and rezoning applications
• Engage in fundraising activitys as lead organization, or as a co-host for causes that improve the quality of life in the Dover area.
• Support and participate in programs that increae security for area residents especially seniors and youth.  Examples might include monitoring and reporting of dangerous traffic or activities related to various housing deveelopments within the Dover area.
• Review safety and appropriateness of off-leash areas implimenteed and proposed by the City of Nanaimo


North - Strait of Georgia *Salish Sea*
South - Hammond Bay Road, Aulds Road
West - Nanaimo City Limits, Highway 19, Shook Road
East - the line along Sealand Road from Rutherford School through the Park.